Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mocap Dance

This is some edited motion capture data from East Tennessee State's Organic Motion system. It uses a large area as a sort of stage, and doesn't require any special suit or ping pong ball apparatus to capture data. This has the benefit of making it relatively easy for any student to be able to use it whenever they want, but as a consequence the data can be a bit dodgy, so more tweaking is required to create a finished product.

For those not familiar with what it's like to work with this sort of thing, the process generally involves cleaning up any problem areas, such as spikes on the graph editor (which usually result in a body part jumping wildly for a few frames), and keeping limbs from passing through each other.

The mocap system at ETSU does not capture any finger or facial motions, so all of that is animated by me. I also reanimated or tweaked other areas to suit my own taste.

Thanks to Josh Burton for the awesome Morpheus Rig!

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