Wednesday, March 30, 2011


These are some really old projects that I like to see every now and then just to remember the good old days.

This was the fourth and final entry into the FIRST Autodesk Visualization Competition that I was able to participate in. The contest is a yearly event at the FIRST Robotics Competition, hosted by Autodesk. I was lucky enough to participate all four years of high school, and this was without a doubt our magnum opus. As the animation team leader, I was responsible for coordinating the group effort to get this video done in 4 weeks, as well as being a major part of every aspect of production. This video represents a huge amount of effort on the part of a bunch of self-taught high-schoolers, and it all paid off when we placed in the Top 5 in the world, out of several hundred entries, as judged by industry professionals from Autodesk. Not only was this one of the most exciting accomplishments of my youth, it was what got me started into this crazy field in the first place.

I'm adding this just for fun. It's my first attempt at character animation after moving past the fundamental exercises (bouncing ball, pendulum, etc.). I know, the camera cuts probably make the animation a bit hard to follow, and many of the basic principles were probably broken, but I think it's always a good idea to look to the past to see how far you've truly come.

Till next time!

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