Saturday, December 14, 2013

Free Maya Rig: Bow and Arrow

I'm posting a download link for a rig that I created for one of my shots, The Archer. I've received a few requests for the rig since posting the shot, and as far as I can tell there is no other free bow and arrow rig for Maya online, so I decided I would just release it for anybody who wants it!

I think it's pretty easy to use, and I'm including usage notes in the compressed file, but if there are any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

The files were saved in Maya 2013, but should work fine in earlier versions. I haven't personally tested it with anything earlier than 2011.

Download directly: Click Here
Download from Creative Crash: Click Here

The rig is perfectly free and I have no intention of limiting what is done with it, but I do simply ask that you give me appropriate credit if you use it for anything that gets posted online. Thanks!